Masterpiece Mastering is the
mastering service of Billy Stull,
owner of Legendary Audio and
The School of Mastering
at South Padre Island, Texas.
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SPRING BREAK ALL THE TIME! Not really... We're too busy working!

Masterpiece Mastering has a new mastering facility at South Padre Island, Texas. The 2500 square foot building has a large 1000 square foot mastering suite, custom designed by Billy Stull. The room has virtually no reflections - A ROOM WITHOUT WALLS that effectively eliminates room acoustics from the sonic equation. The sonic accuracy is outstanding and combined with the Masterpiece Analog Mastering System, other top level mastering equipment, and the experience, talent, and success of mastering engineer Billy Stull, projects can receive the benefit and reach their artistic and commercial potential...
And the beach and palm trees just seem to make everything sound better.

Unlike any other mastering equipment, the Masterpiece Analog Mastering System was conceived by Billy Stull to provide capabilities unavailable in existing equipment. The circuits were custom designed by the revered, honored, and legendary Mr. Rupert Neve and the Masterpiece is manufactured and marketed world-wide by Legendary Audio. The Masterpiece creates sonic options that normally aren't possible in the recording studio and provides for creative or conventional mastering and /or tools for problematic areas.

If clients cannot "come to the Island", mail order or Emastering is easily accomplished.

For projects that merit or require extra-special attention, consider the Platinum Mastering Package which gives multiple masterings from which to choose (like picking from multiple mixes in the recording studio).

Problematic or "emergency" projects are welcome and many sonic miracles have been performed.

Please see our FAQs for additional mastering information and tips.

Call or email to to discuss your project and put Billy Stull and Masterpiece Mastering on your team!


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