Masterpiece Mastering is the
mastering service of Billy Stull,
owner of Legendary Audio and
The School of Mastering
at South Padre Island, Texas.
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Sending your project to Masterpiece Mastering is very easily done and is cost and time effective. We enjoy the client being at the mastering session, but when time, travel costs, and schedules are calculated sometimes it makes the most sense to send the project to us to be mastered.
Just follow these procedures and it will very simple:

  1. Call to let us know you are sending it. We can give you an accurate estimate of the turnaround time based on our current schedule and we can discuss goals, image, project history, and other pertinet information as well as rates, cost estimate, and payment.

  2. Include accurately labeled Data Files, DATS, CD's, or Reels with song titles.

  3. Include the sequence you want on the final master.

  4. Include any notes about details that are important such as fades, edits, count offs, or errant or ambient sounds, noises, and spacing between cuts. We will normally edit out count-offs and sounds after the song ends unless instructed differently.

  5. Include notes on any specific problems with the performance or mix if you would like (see FAQS), or instruct us to use our judgment to make it a Masterpiece.

  6. Send it priority mail or postal express to Masterpiece Mastering, PO Box 2909, South Padre Island, TX 78597-2909. Phone number 956-233-5326. If you want, send it registered, certified, and/or insured. We have never had any problem with the US Mail, but it would be wise to have a back-up plan in the case of lost mail. If you want to use FedEx or UPS call us for a different address, as they can't deliver to a P.O. Box.

  7. We will send you a reference CDR master for your approval. Be sure to include your best return shipping address and phone number(s).

  8. Upon your review call us with your approval, or to discuss any "tweaks" or changes. We will send another reference if required, or we will send the master. If the "tweaks" are minor, we will discuss sending you 2 masters, one to play and one to go to the manufacturer. We can send the final master directly to the manufacturer for you, if you prefer.

  9. You can make payment with check, cash, money order, or credit card. (Visa, MC, AMEX)

  10. EMASTERING (sending us the project by internet) is easily done as well. Call to discuss the details. 956-233-5326






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