Masterpiece Mastering is the
mastering service of Billy Stull,
owner of Legendary Audio and
The School of Mastering
at South Padre Island, Texas.
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Some projects may deserve or require extra attention and/or treatment. If so, you may consider the Masterpiece Mastering Platinum Mastering Package.

Most mastering work is done in as short a time frame as possible and usually the client is presented with "The Master".
Some "tweaking" is possible and usually the results are satisfactory and will accomplish the mastering goals if done at a competent professional facility.
The downside is - there is basically one choice to choose from.

What other creative options could be done? And, could the project be "fixed", improved, or made special, magical, or unique by applying creative and/or unconventional processing and techniques?

It could be dramatic to choose from several choices of the mastered version of the project - similar to choosing from multiple mixes of the recording at the studio.

I didn't call it Masterpiece Mastering for nothing and I am proposing that we get creative with all of the proprietary equipment and techniques that I have developed and "break some new ground".

I have the capability to create never before heard sonic landscapes, psychoacoustic effects, wide screen sounds, and startling spacial positions for starters... and that's just the analog processing. Then with digital processing we can increase the options again.

Here's how it would work:
I would do a conventional Masterpiece Mastering session so that we have a solid initial choice to choose from.
Then I would get creative and experimental and try to beat the first choice and apply some appropriate fun, interesting, or possibly radical techniques that will give us two or three total choices of the character, style, and sound of the CD. We would be going for a unique sonic personallity that can't be done in the studio.

If we don't get anything that we feel is better than the first choice then "c'est la vie", we gave it a thorough try. But if the unconventional approach works, we may set some new parameters and benchmarks for the recording and record industry.
It will involve my time, knowledge, and equipment, and your money, but didn't Hendrix, Led Zepplin, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Sting, The Beatles, and many other breakthrough artists take the unconventional road?

I feel that this approach could have a significant impact on your project and the modern music industry and therefore I am commissioning an entertainment attorney to handle the legal aspects of this process. It would involve an up-front fee and possibly a "point" or two from your record deal.

If this package sounds interesting to you, contact me and we can discuss the details and if this approach is appropriate for your project.

Billy Stull



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