Masterpiece Mastering is the
mastering service of Billy Stull,
owner of Legendary Audio and
The School of Mastering
at South Padre Island, Texas.
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Billy Stull became obsessed with playing the guitar at age 10. By high school, he had the most popular Rock N Roll band in Amarillo, TX and had signed a recording contract with world famous producer/engineer Norman Petty (Buddy Holly's producer/engineer). After signing with CBS, Atlantic, and several European labels, he recorded many sessions with Norman as his mentor and producer. Now severely infected with the recording "bug, he opened his own studio and music store and live sound company in Amarillo called "Billy's Band Aid." Having started literally with a $75 investment, this complex grew to a one million dollar per year business with a branch store in Lubbock, TX.

After Norman Petty's death of leukemia in 1984, Billy had the opportunity to sell Billy's Band Aid and operate the famous Norman Petty Studios in New Mexico for the Petty estate. During this 8 year stint, he produced and engineered countless sessions and helped to continue Norman's work and legacy.

Then Warner Bros. Records - Nashville hired Billy to start a new record label of Spanish language music. Researching, signing talent, engineering, producing, and marketing these Warner "Discos" (Spanish for Records) led Billy to move to the San Antonio Area to be close to the "Nashville of Tejano Music". Officing in San Marcos and eventually starting an independent label "Texas World Records," he produced and marketed albums by George Strait's "Ace In The Hole Band," ABC's TV's "Brad Maule," and "Gypsy Reign" (cousins of the "Gypsy Kings") from Southern France.

After 4 years in the Austin/San Antonio area, Billy became aware of the need for a high-end professional mastering facility such as Georgetown Masters (Nashville) in which he had mastered many Warner Bros. projects. He decided to acquire the "State of the Art" mastering gear, and design an acoustically focused mastering room with psychologically soothing panoramic views of the water and beautiful Wimberley Texas terrain. Billy's goal was to advance the final recorded product to compete with major companies in LA, Nashville, and New York. This goal has been achieved. The results of the mastered product have been dramatic. Clients have not only been satisfied, but amazed and thrilled at the difference. Hundreds of projects of all genres including hugely successful Major Label artists such as Cross Canadian Ragweed and Bowling For Soup have received the benefit of Masterpiece Mastering.


Fortunate events occurred as Billy was enjoying the success of Masterpiece Mastering. The foremost pro audio designer in the world, Mr.Rupert Neve, moved to Billy's resident city from the UK. This is equivalent of Albert Einstein moving into your neighborhood and you happen to be a physicist.

After many years of friendship, an alliance was developed to design and produce a revolutionary new Pro Audio product to be used primarily in the mastering field aptly dubbed the "Masterpiece". This award-winning Analog Mastering System is the culmination of the experiences, talent, and resources from the career paths of these Legendary Audio professionals. Click for information about the Masterpiece.
In 2006, Billy opened a new mastering facility at the popular vacation destination of South Padre Island Texas.The 2500 Square foot building encompasses a large custom designed 1000 square foot Mastering Room which will be utilized for mastering and teaching activities at his new School of Mastering at South Padre Island.

After a 49 year span in the music business - from being a musician, song writer, manager, publisher, producer, live sound and recording engineer, record label executive, mastering engineer, and owner of Legendary Audio, Billy's experience, ears, and brain are the most valuable piece of the mastering at Masterpiece Mastering.

A partial list of artists and VIPs Billy has worked with:
George Strait, Huey Lewis, Peter Kris of Kiss, Alabama, The Judds, Helix, Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak, Carmine Appice, Blue Oyster Cult, Millie Jackson, Johnny Canales, Los Hurricanes Del Norte, Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, President Gerald Ford and The White House Communications Committee, Carl Perkins, The Association, Bobby Vee, Texas Tornados, Ray Stevens, Eric Johnson, Dwight Yoacum, Ray Price, Statler Bros., LA Sombra, Eddie Rabbit, Joe "King" Carrasco, Steve Wariner, Hank Williams Jr., Little Texas, etc.






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